IT Consulting

Govt IT Projects

We have engaged with the government related IT Projects with local corporations and political parties to help build a workforce in the country by providing necessary skill sets to people in their respective fields of project implementation, training and scaling. We bid and work with the central and state governments, PSUs and other government organizations in India, to help them tackle their manpower challenges.

Process Outsourcing

    We help organizations on :

  • Data entry projects.
  • Massive data collection and sampling projects.
  • Projects that involve digitization of old paper records to online storage.
  • Scanning and putting records in searchable formats for easy access online.
  • Recruitment of temporary IT resources on contractual basis for government or corporate work.
  • Data Analytics where a data has to be represented with multiple parameters combinations, formulas, computations to derive analytics for organization/ government entities.
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Counseling projects involve massive man power requirement who can travel to remote villages and educate people of various government initiatives, we have partnerships with various NGOs who are willing to help, implement government's socio-economic and micro-economic project implantation's, collection of citizen data and bringing out analytics based on geography, social and economic status of the people.
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Education & Training

We have network of freelance and professional trainers who can impart training and share knowledge with stake holders in various sectors.

We have successfully implemented trainings on use of digital technologies; we have helped retailers with educating them on Mobile applications which help retail payments.

Training related to banking tools software’s to co-op & PSU bank staff, educating government’s e-governance programs and initiatives to people and apprising them on how to use the same.

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